UKULELE MUSINGS 2022, An Annual Redo: Daylight Savings Time, Not Until 2 A.M., However!

Since we’re all going to lose an hour of sleep this Sunday morning as we comply with the “times that will be a’changin,” I am saving some time by adapting a posting of mine from two or three years ago that is, shall we say, timely. So, gentle readers, rejoice with me as we relish that extra hour of sunshine in the evening–perfect for cocktail hour on the porch here at the Inn at Ice Pond! OOOps! Now it’s the “Huckleberry Inn here at the Lathrop Village in Easthampton, Massachusetts!

To the point, I won’t be strumming a ukulele when I move around the house at 2:00 AM this Sunday to set all of our clocks forward an hour. 

I wouldn’t want to awaken Alison with a chord melody rendition of Irving Berlin’s “Oh How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning.”

Irving Himself!:

Alison believes that I could set them ahead before I go to bed, but, in this day and age, I would not want to be seen breaking the law.  Besides, it could be exciting!  

There are cameras everywhere, you know!  And ICE—the Incremental Clock Enforcers! 

Anyway, by 3:00 AM, all of the clocks will be reset and we will be—as I believe we Happy Valley folks must—in compliance with the law. 

And, so to bed—with ukulele, this time, still in its case.

Moving ahead (ahem) to time and clocks, our little ukuleles—with their circular sound holes and curvey form—have caught the eye of musical crafters for a lot of years.  A whole new facet of collecting! 

Better a clock than a planter or birdhouse for those old ukes that have seen better days. 

 So, turning to (ahem, again) a few sheet music reminders of time, and clocks, and changes.  

And, how about a different kind of “savings time!” 

A ukulele version:

Stay tuned and remember—2:00 AM or you are breaking the law!  After all, we all must do our bit for our soldiers and farmers—the whole reason we have daylight savings time in the first place.  Right? 

Just for fun, let’s wind up (ahem, again) with Grampa Jones’s banjo version of “Daylight Savin’s Time.” 

Grampa Jones:

Also, that extra hour of sunshine will help get rid of any #$%& snow or snowpiles still lingering around! Wishful thinking . . .

Stay Tuned!

Author: NohoBanjo of Northampton and, now, Easthampton, Mass.

Hi friends, neighbors, and fellow strummers. These “musings” are based on my interest and study of Banjo and Ukulele history, lore, and music. My goal is to both educate and enlighten by sharing what I have learned within a broad musical and historical context—with honesty and, at times, a bit of humor. Needless to say, your thoughts and comments are, as always, welcome.

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