ANOTHER (um,TIMELY) MUSICAL MUSING, 12 March 2023– Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, Not Until 2 A.M. However!

We’re all going to lose an hour of sleep this coming Sunday morning as we comply with the “times that will be a’changin.” However, gentle readers, rejoice with me as we relish that extra hour of sunshine we’ll have in the evening–perfect for cocktail hour on the porch at the “Huckleberry Inn” here in the Hamptons of western Massachusetts!

On to the early morning mission . . . To maintain appropriate silence, I won’t be whistling a tune or strumming a banjo when I tiptoe around the house to set all of our clocks forward at EXACTLY 2:00 A.M. this Sunday, as required by law.

I wouldn’t want to awaken Alison on a Sunday morning with a raucous tune, but here is one of a few that addresses the controversy some folks have with our recurring time-change responsibilities. Click or tap on the triangle in the next image for a seriously timely take on the issue–but let’s not turn up the volume during our 2 A.M. mission!

Alison believes that I could set all our clocks ahead BEFORE I go to bed. But, in this day and age, I would not want to be caught breaking the law.  Besides, it could be hazardous!  

There are cameras everywhere, you know!  And ICE—the Incremental Clock Enforcers! 

Anyway, by 3:00 A.M. or so, all of our clocks will be reset and we will—as I believe we Happy Valley folks must—be in compliance with the 2 A.M. mandate of the law. 

For all of us to quietly waltz back to bed after completing our Sunday morning mission, here is an appropriate tune. Click or tap on the triangle in the next image to dance along!

And, so to bed—with the banjo (reset, of course) and back in its place back hanging on the wall.

Moving ahead, here are a few vintage sheet music reminders of time and clocks and a few timely tunes.  

Or, how about this one from my high school pep band days?

Click or tap on the triangle in the next image and rock along!

And, of course, here’s the grandfather of the genre!

Despite the name of this duo, this is a fun take on this old chestnut of a clock song from the 1840s. Click or tap on the next image for a bit of musical fun by a duo that seems to have stood the test of time!

And, how about a different kind of “savings time?” 

Click or tap on the triangle in the next image for a 1931 version of this one.

Here’s a tune from 1945. Remember this one?

Click or tap on the triangles in the next two images for two really, really different versions of this timely tune.

So, on Sunday morning, remember—EXACTLY at 2 A.M. or you are breaking the law!  After all, we must do our bit for our soldiers and farmers—the whole reason we have daylight savings time in the first place.  Right? 

To wind things up, click or tap on the triangle in the next image to see how these folks are musically addressing the time change as they get ready for church this Sunday.

So, on Sunday morning, do your duty, don’t break the law, enjoy all that extra sunshine, and . . .

. . . STAY TUNED! But, . . .

Author: NohoBanjo of Northampton and, now, Easthampton, Mass.

Hi friends, neighbors, and fellow strummers. These “musings” are based on my interest and study of Banjo and Ukulele history, lore, and music. My goal is to both educate and enlighten by sharing what I have learned within a broad musical and historical context—with honesty and, at times, a bit of humor. Needless to say, your thoughts and comments are, as always, welcome.

One thought on “ANOTHER (um,TIMELY) MUSICAL MUSING, 12 March 2023– Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, Not Until 2 A.M. However!”

  1. WHEREVER do you find all these recordings, sheet music examples, etc.???? Amazing! You are QUITE the researcher!!! Thanks SO much for sharing it all.


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